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​​​About RoamGlobal :
We Provide Sales And Support For International Sim Cards as a local channel partner.
Travelling Abroad is the new necessity, it may be for business, global holidays, for availing international education or for visiting family and friends but higher costs are truly making every trip extravagant – airline costs increase up by 10% every year, hotels by 15%, foreign exchange even more!
Our aim is to make an essential aspect of travel CHEAPER – the TELECOM COST. To Achieve It We Provide International Sim Card which have low cost calls, free incoming in almost all countries. We manage the best international roaming tariffs for our Customers.
You no longer need to use your Indian SIM Card and get looted, don’t be fooled to buy post-paid SIM Card from providers, don’t wait to land in a foreign airport and hunt for your SIM, simply Contact Us and choose  the best tariff sim card and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!
​Most of our cards have
zero roaming costs hence Free Incoming , Calling back  India charges begin as low as Rs.1/- per minute, We provide you a local SIM Cards of every important destination even before you set out, you can recharge online or even locally at any convenience store and most importantly we promise you the Cheapest facility for reducing your mobile bills once abroad.​